Cross Belt Separator

For automatic and continuous separation of tramp iron from the product “CITANN” Powerful overband self cleaning electro-magnetic Separators are used to remove the tramp iron flowing alongwith the product on a belt conveyor.  Overband Magnetic Separator is suitable for mounting over the conveyor across belts.

The magnet unit would be of Electrolytic Grade Aluminium. The electro magnetic coils will be made from high temperature resistant insulated aluminium conductor for continuous operation. There would be a short center belt conveyor fitted around the magnet unit mounted on to a fabricated frame work. The conveyor will be of the best quality rubber and canvas type will be bolted in position across the belt. The conveyor belt will be made endless by means of belt fastener.

Idler and drive drums, will be rolled steel construction fitted with high tensiled steel shafts and mounted in self lubricated dust sealed plumber blocks. Adjuster screws would be fitted to provide tensioning take up on idler drums.

The frame work would be of fabricated steel from channels of suitable size and similar sections construction as per our drawing and designed to carry conveyor components, drive unit and magnetic unit. The frame would be fitted with lifting lugs and designed to be adjustable when carried on a floor mounted or suspended structure.

A motor and reduction gear unit will be mounted on the conveyor frame work and transmitting the drive through a roller chain drive to the driving drum. The motor gear unit would be conventional three phase motor coupled to a geared reduction box integrally mounted.
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