Electro Magnetic Vibratory Feeders
CITANN ENGINEERS electromagnet-powered Vibratory feeder is a high frequency reciprocating machine of light duty capable of conveying bulk material from storage to processing or between processes at a continuous controlled rate of flow. These vibrating feeders are used in processing industries for handling all types of materials such as hot, damp, lumpy, dusty or abrasive for various functions like flow of material from storage, proportioning and blending, packaging, mixing, weighing, sprinkling, screening, scalping, crushing, washing, drying, heating, cooling, dusting, spreading, batching and etc.
CITANN ENGINEERS Vibrating feeders can be supplied with base mounted, over hanging or combined single magnet drive or with twin, dual or dual twin magnet drives or with multiple drives to serve as vibrating conveyors. These feeders are having a tray mounted on the drive units.  This drive unit is located beneath the tray consisting of two sets of leaf springs connected to the mounting bracket, an Electromagnet with armature and solid cast iron base.
The Vibratory feeders are available in a variety of trough size and shapes.
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