Lifting Magnet
Citann’s permanent lift magnets are ideal for handling steel plates, forgings, castings and similar items in machine shops, warehouses, and industrial processing plants. These magnets eliminate the need for slings, clamping devices or chains. Lifting magnets are the proven solution to simplified machine loading and unloading, for handling steel items in receiving and shipping areas and for fast stacking or destacking of steel plates, bars, sheets, angles, channels, etc. Citann offers lifting magnets in various models to suit different capacities and applications.
Lift Magnets with ON/OFF

When On, a magnetic field is driven through the poles for the lifting operation, and an stopper device locks the operating lever into place to prevent accidental deactivation.

When Off, the reversible core is rotated 180 degrees and the magnetic field is contained within itself, releasing the part. The rotating On/Off arm is mounted on ball bearings and has no physical contact during arm rotation.
Benefits : 1) No damaging of parts
  2) Quick release – On/off
  3) Permanent magnet
  4) No electricity required
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