Magnetic Coolant Separator
Citann Engineers manufactures and supplies coolant separators which are ideal for the removal of iron chips and dust particles from various coolants. The coolant separators make use powerful ferrite or rare earth based based magnets to trap the iron impurities and arrange for their retrieval separately  thus making the coolant  re useable.

Operating Principle
The coolant separator incorporates a powerful magnetic drum that is rotating at a constant speed. The drum is housed in a tank having an inlet and separate outlets for the collection of the iron chips as well as the clean coolant.

The impure coolant is fed into the tank and all the iron particles tend to fall towards the floor of the tank. The rotating magnetic drum picks up the magnetic impurities and carries it until it is removed by a blade scrapping it along its circumference.

The separator can be offered with different drum diameters and lengths to suit various capacities. Depending upon the nature of iron contaminants, low power ferrite or high power rare earth magnetic drums can be supplied.
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