Magnetic Equipment
Magnetic Separation Systems are used for the control and removal of ferrous tramp metal from product movement and processing systems.  Tramp Metal is any undesirable ferrous material (both, nail, screw, wire, broken blades, etc) that has become intermixed with the product being processed.  These tramp items contaminate the product and have the potential to inflict major damage and unnecessary wear to processing machinery.  Employing tramp metal separation magnets at proper location throughout the processing system is the solution to purifying product and protecting machinery.

CITANN ENGINEERS tramp metal separation magnets are available in standard sizes, strengths and designs to meet most applications.  Citann Engineers also offers special designs and engineering assistance for difficult applications. Example of typical magnet applications include the following.

Plastics, Food Stuffs, Grain, Chemicals, Dyes, Minerals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, etc

Grinders, Feeders, Blenders, Textile Machines, Screens, Impellers, etc.

Our devices can be manufactured using different types of magnetic materials. STRONTIUM FERRITE magnets are used for small to larger ferrous particle separation such as; nails, bolts, washers, paperclips, etc. RARE EARTH NEODYMIUM-IRON-BORON powerful magnets are used for “fine particle” separation such as; metal filings, shavings, metal wear residue, work hardened stainless steel, etc.

Apart from the above permanent magnetic material, CITANN also offer Electro Magnetic Devices such as lifting magnets, suspension magnets, etc. The following range of magnetic equipment is offered by CITANN. Apart from these, CITANN also offers Custom Magnetic Devices and Equipment to suit various customer requirements. Please contact us with further details.
Range of Magnetic Equipment
  Permanent Magnetic Roll Separator
  Magnetic Drum Separator
  Wet Drum Separator
  Magnetic Pulley
  Suspended Permanent Magnet / Electro Lifting Magnet
  Cross Belt Separator
  Magnetic Test Rod
  Magnetic Filters / Grate
  Magnetic Drawer Housing (With Cleaning Mechanism)
  Liquid Line Flow Separator
  Bullet Magnet
  Hump Magnet
  Funnel Magnet
  Lifting Magnet
  Magnetizers and De Magnetizers
  Magnetic Sweeper
  Magnetic Plate
  Magnetic Coolant Separator
Electro Lifting Magnets
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