Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
Citann’s Loop Type Demagnetizers are designed and constructed to handle continuous duty applications. They are designed with rectangular or circular pass through and can be selected for the shape and type of material being processed. The standard pass through sizes ranges from 3” high x 6” wide to 18” high x 36” wide rectangular openings. Custom sizes are also welcome.

Citann’s Portable model can handle most remote in plant demagnetizing requirements. The typical opening size is 7.5"”diameter.

Citann’s Surface Type Demagnetizers, available as stationary or portable units, provide continuous duty operation as the work piece passes over the demagnetizer face plate. This is the most commonly used model and can be installed as a portable unit or over and along side conveyors. The typical surface sizes range from 4” X 8” to 16” x 22”. Custom sizes are made upon request.
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